Marty Coleman
Broker Associate

Marty Coleman began his real estate career in 1997 focusing on residential and in 2003 he moved over to the commercial side of the business after a long and successful career in the pharmaceutical industry and dental equipment industry.

Marty works primarily in the areas of investment real estate (commercial and residential), owner-operators (small business), retail and restaurants.  He is working with a growing number of clients looking to downsize their estates and create passive income making this in his words: “a very exciting real estate market” and one in which his professional and personal experiences are well suited.

Marty is an accomplished detailed oriented rapport builder diverse in sales, relationship building, and Entrepreneurial endeavors. He is attentive to details, the big picture and the deeper connection to the progress of the business, the people and the goals of an organization. He is persistent, creative, humorous and resourceful; able to adapt quickly to new situations. He is approaching the art of selling as an act of service with a symbiotic relationship with the goal.

“As my life has transformed me over the years I think it is fair to say that I have been humbled by my successes and grown from my failures. Without this tempering of our spirit through these experiences we are a rudderless boat adrift in the open sea. As the late Jim Rohn once said: “everybody has wind in their sail… it is how you set your sail that makes the difference”. When we set our sail toward what we are passionate about we stop working and start living… truly serving our fellow man. Now that is a nice turning point?”

Marty is a member of the National Association of Realtors®, Oklahoma City Metropolitan Association of Realtors®, and is a CCIM and CIPS candidate.